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M.D. Rinker

M.D. Rinker

Chief Editor

The story of M.D. Rinker parallels Event Butterfly. It is as much about the Journey as it is the Destination. 

Rinker is an adventure seeker and a social butterfly, so naturally he is passionate about both travel and events. 

Well he says to hear his story, You don’t care how much he knows, until you know how much he cares.

In his personal life… where travel and events are most fun…


Earlier in life, accomplishing the highest honor of Eagle Scout earned Rinker a solid foundation of valuing travel, events, adventure, and most importantly… people. 


Rinker is a passport holder, and has ventured out to 43 States / Territories / Provinces, among 7 Countries. In the travel niche, actions speak volumes. 


In the summers and tropical locations, Rinker is an accomplished SCUBA Diver, now in his Master Diver certification. To accomplish this one must earn Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver. These travel event underwater adventures have brought him to locations that are rich in natural wonders such as: the United States all up and down the East Coast from the tip of the Florida Keys to Pennsylvania quarries; out to the Hawai’i Islands; to Mexico Cozumel and Cancun; to Honduras Roatán; to the Caribbean Cayman Islands; and to the Bahama Islands. Specialty Diver merits include Night Dives, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Photographer, and Underwater Videographer. 


In the winters, Rinker practices Black Diamond Skiing on top snow capped Mountains, and has been fortunate to have visited a handful of various Ski Resorts. In college he was a member of the University Ski Team. 


Rinker is a Ballroom Dance event competitor of 15 dance styles, originating from many countries in Europe, South America, and North America. He also took upon the responsibility of webmaster for his College Ballroom Dance Club.


He has played the role of trip organizer for dozens of outings, while also the role of host for dozens of events. 


Rinker is also an AirBNB host at his home, offering a guest bedroom to mutual travel enthusiasts like himself. Such great people he has met in this endeavour. All the while helping them navigate the local terrain along the way. In record time of 2.5 months after joining as a host, he earned the AirBNB “SuperHost” award for recognition as an excellent travel host. 


In his professional life…


For two decades, Rinker diligently worked for other people; learning graphic design, web design, marketing, sales, technology, finances, administration, and business. Often helping with business travel, and corporate events… 


All while earning his Graduate Certificate in Computer Graphics of the Master’s Program at Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA).


Rinker owned a small sole proprietorship business putting his creative skills to work to help with schooling. The company had two departments: travelling away from home for event photography weddings and special occasions, and working at home base on computer graphics for corporate clients. 


When times were tough, he also worked additional side jobs on event travel. 


Working directly in the travel industry as an airport ramper with a high security clearance, you can bet he took advantage of the travel perks that came along with the job. 


He was an event specialist for three years for tourists visiting the Six Flags amusement park attraction.


Finally, would you believe he was even a traveling kitchen sales designer, driving thousands of miles per month, and earning Salesperson of the Year. 


Through all this, the work on the fundamental ideas that were to become Event Butterfly began. Early in 2012, the ideas for his new company were taking shape. Within a few months that same year, the domain EventButterfly.com was purchased. 


After working hard for a few more years on Event Butterfly, enough money was pooled together to pay for the Attorney fees in preparing the corporate legal documents. Finally, Event Butterfly was officially incorporated in 2017! 


In conclusion…


Rinker hopes to bring all his knowledge and experience, from both in his personal and professional life, to provide a website that will have value to its visitors.