16 Rewarding VolunTourism Travel Jobs That Need Valuable Volunteers

Information Correct? 

VolunTourism Travel Jobs offers an entry-level opportunity for paid travel! 

VolunTourism is an excellent opportunity for Backpackers, Budget Travelers, and Wanderlusts. VolunTourism allows us to visit Events economically! 

This is the first of a series of Travel Job article resources. The work here represents 2 months of solid research. Our goal is to deliver a traveler resource that is high quality and thorough. 

VolunTourism is the arrangement between a Host and a Travel Guest. This arrangement is beneficial for both parties. 

  • The Host provides accommodations such as lodging or lodging + meal(s). 
  • The Travel Guest provides working time & skill. 

VolunTourism is a hybrid word consisting of Volunteer + Tourism. The term meaning is self-explanatory. The Travel Guest: Volunteer for half of the day, and Tourism for the other half of the day. 

The article is from the Travel Guest perspective. In saying this, both the Host and the Traveler Guest are here. Each side has a better understanding of the other party. 

The interaction may broaden our cultural and linguistic understanding. We may learn and grow from each other. 

The Host and Travel Guest may become friends and even extended family!

VolunTourism Category Inspiration

Table Of Contents

Equal VolunTourism

Equal Parts support one another

This prologue section praises the good nature of VolunTourism! Event Butterfly celebrates this global achievement! 

We wish equal VolunTourism continues for many years, decades, and centuries to come! 

An equal VolunTourism arrangement is where the Host and Travel Guest are mutual. Both parties have equal values.

The straightforward answer to expectations: 

  • The Host offers lodging and or lodging + meal(s). 
  • The Travel Guest offers 20 hours per week (5 days a week at 4 hours per day). 

This may be all the information you need in this section. 

Please feel free to skip down to the Travel Guest Occupation.
Or go straight to the Hosts

Let’s explore an equal VolunTourism arrangement in full detail. 

A VolunTourism arrangement may be more complex if more variables are present. 

An equal VolunTourism agreement may actually be between 15 – 30 work hours per week. The work could be 5 days per week, at 3 – 6 hours per day. 

These work hours may fluctuate with the value of the Host in contrast to the Value of the Travel Guest.

Host Accommodation Variables: 

  • Are the accommodations larger or smaller than expected? 
  • What are the room dimensions? 
  • Is the room private or shared? 
  • Is the bathroom private or shared? 
  • What are the bathroom dimensions? 
  • How many meals per day,… 1, 2, or 3 ? 
  • What other accommodations are available?

Travel Guest variables: 

  • Is the Travel Guest more or less skilled in that occupation? 
  • Does the Travel Guest take on more work responsibility? 

The question may arise on, “Am I receiving a fair VolunTourism arrangement?” Uncertainty may happen before, during, and/or after entering into a VolunTourism arrangement. 

May we present a general method to measure the values? 

Please use your best judgment. Event Butterfly developed this method using public resources and then applying those resources. 

It is better to have a method in place, and not use it. Rather than needing a technique and not having one. Yet, should one need a technique, it is here for you. 

Included are the Value resources that are excellent for both parties. 

  • Host Accommodation Values 
  • Travel Guest Occupational Values 

Hosts and Guests may understand their value, along with their counterparts’ value. 

Should you know of a better method, please share it with our Group! 

Table Of Contents

Host Value

Aerial View of a unique Host Accommodation

Numbeo is an excellent website for the monetary Value of lodging Worldwide. 

The site displays what a one-bedroom would cost all over the world. The cost is the average rental per month. The map features a currency selector. 

The Host may also calculate their meal costs. 

Finally, the total value of the lodging or lodging + meals. 

Table Of Contents

Travel Guest Value

Life,… a Meandering Path,… filled with Wonder and Excitement

Numbeo has a “Ranking by Country of the Average Monthly Net Salary”. Travel Guests may use this resource. Calculate their adjusted salary while within the Host country. 

International VolunTourism may need us to readjust our occupation value. A foreign local job market may be a Value that is different from home. 

Calculate a ratio. Take the Salary of the Host country, and divide it by the Travel Guest country. This is the ratio to determine our Travel Guest Value in a foreign country. 

We will do an example of this soon below in the VolunTourism Arrangement Example.  

(Wikipedia also has a useful “List of Countries by Average Wage”).

Next, we look at specific occupations. 

BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) contains the United States occupational data. 

BLS classifies 800 Occupations! BLS lists these Occupations in two resources for our VolunTourism needs. 

BLS OOH (Occupational Outlook Handbook) contains informative videos or images on those occupations. 

Listed is the wage hourly and annually. The wage is 50% median pay. This average value is a good starting position for U.S. VolunTourism. 

BLS OEWS (Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics) contains an in-depth wage range. You may or may not need this. 

Here is additional relevant advice for Travel Guests.

  • Protect yourself with Event Butterfly Digital Wallet strategies.
  • Travel Insurance is highly recommended.
  • Check the latest Travel Advisory with the United States, Department of the State:

Table Of Contents

Travel Guest Occupation

Crystal Ball of Future Opportunity

Travel Guests may fulfill any number of VolunTourism occupations. 

Here are the most common occupations requested by Hosts globally. 

Major occupation categories organize the occupations. The major occupation categories are the most common to least common. Or the most general to the most specialized occupation. 

The most common major occupation category is Sustenance. Sustenance as in Food & Beverage. Every Host type needs Food & Drink for survival. Hosts may request a Cook. 

The most specialized occupation is Education. Education is very important. Yet it is a very specialized occupation category for a select Host. A Host NGO, Host Community, Host School, Host Camp, or even a Host Home Stay School, may all need an Educator.

Each Occupation Category lists the individual Occupations. The  Occupation order is of highest wage value to lowest wage value, according to the BLS.


  • This VolunTourism Occupation list is not all-encompassing / not exhausted. Specific Hosts may request an unlisted occupation.
  • Event Butterfly has omitted to report Occupation Values. Time and Inflation will flux these monetary VALUES. The most current  Occupation Values are available at OOH and OEWS. 

Travel Guest Occupation List


  • OOHOEWS :  Food Service Manager
  • OOHOEWS :  Chef / Head Cook 
  • OOHOEWS :  Cook 
  • OOHOEWS :  Food Preparation
  • OOHOEWS :  Server – Beverage / Bartender 
  • OOHOEWS :  Server – Food / Food & Beverage 

Maintenance • Construction 

  • OOHOEWS :  Civil Engineer 
  • OOHOEWS :  Electrician  
  • OOHOEWS :  Electrician Apprentice
  • OOHOEWS :  Plumber / Pipefitter / Steamfitter 
  • OOHOEWS :  Plumber / Pipefitter / Steamfitter Apprentice
  • OOHOEWS :  Carpenter 
  • OOHOEWS :  Carpenter Apprentice 
  • OOHOEWS :  Painter
  • OOHOEWS :  General Maintenance / Handyperson 
  • OOH • OEWS :  General Maintenance / Handyperson Apprentice

Grounds • Agriculture 

  • OOHOEWS :  Agriculture Manager / Farmer / Gardener 
  • OOHOEWS :  Agriculture Worker / Farm Hand / Gardener
  • OOHOEWS :  Grounds Maintenance 
  • OOHOEWS :  Grounds Maintenance Apprentice


  • OOHOEWS :  Janitorial Manager 
  • OOHOEWS :  Janitor 
  • OOHOEWS :  Housekeeper 


  • OOHOEWS :  Web Designer / Web Developer 
  • OOHOEWS :  Writer / Content Writer 
  • OOHOEWS :  Graphic Designer
  • OOHOEWS :  Photographer 

Animal Care 

  • OOHOEWS :  Veterinarian 
  • OOHOEWS :  Veterinarian Assistant 
  • OOHOEWS :  Animal Care / Dog Walker / Livestock Care  

Administration • Operations 

  • OOHOEWS :  Administrator / Facility Manager 
  • OOHOEWS :  Lodging Manager 
  • OOHOEWS :  Human Resource 
  • OOHOEWS :  Interior Designer 
  • OOHOEWS :  Procurement 
  • OOHOEWS :  Receptionist 
  • OOHOEWS :  Retail / Store Clerk 

Event • Activity • Excursion 

  • OOHOEWS :  Event Planner / Activity Coordinator
  • OOHOEWS :  Tour Guide 
  • OOHOEWS :  Recreation Worker / Pool Aquatics 

Health • Medical 

  • OOHOEWS :  Physician / Doctor / Surgeon 
  • OOHOEWS :  Physician Assistant 
  • OOHOEWS :  Nurse 
  • OOHOEWS :  Nutritionist / Dietitian 
  • OOHOEWS :  Acupuncturist 
  • OOHOEWS :  Social Worker 
  • OOHOEWS :  Health Worker / Health Educator
  • OOHOEWS :  Health Counselor – Mental Health 
  • OOHOEWS :  Health Counselor – Rehabilitation
  • OOHOEWS :  Massage Therapist 
  • OOHOEWS :  Fitness Instructor


  • OOHOEWS :  Educator / Teacher – Adult School • ESL (English as a Second Language) 
  • OOHOEWS :  Educator / Teacher – High School 
  • OOHOEWS :  Educator / Teacher – Middle School
  • OOHOEWS :  Educator / Teacher – Kindergarten to Elementary 

Table Of Contents

Equal VolunTourism Example

An arrangement of the Host and of the Travel Guest

Let’s illustrate this in a hypothetical VolunTourism example. 

Our arrangement is between a New Zealand Host and a visiting United States Travel Guest. 

The Host has a one-bedroom with a bath accommodation available. The Host needs a Housekeeper, Cook, and Grounds Maintenance. 

The Travel Guest will be visiting for a one-week stay. The Travel Guest has agreed to work as a Cook, in exchange for the Host accommodation. 

The Host

  • Numbeo shows the Host Value of the lodging. 
  • $1,030 USD is the rent for a New Zealand one bedroom per month, (at the time of this publication).
  • $1,030 USD divided by 30 days… 
  • $34.33 USD per day is the Host accommodation value. 
  • Or $240 USD per week is the Host accommodation value. $34.33 USD per day, multiplied by 7 days, equals $240 USD per week. 
  • (Travel Guests, be sure to inquire about Host extended stay lodging discounts. Hosts may offer a 10% discount if staying a week or more and… 25% discount if staying a month or more.) 

The Travel Guest

  • Numbeo shows the Travel Guest Value of the average monthly salary. 
  • Each country may or may not have its version of our BLS resource. So we do a few math conversions. 
  • $2,679 USD is the average monthly salary in New Zealand, (at the time of this publication).
  • $3,630 USD is the average monthly salary in the United States (at the time of this publication).
  • Divide the lower number $2,679, into the higher number $3,630. 
  • 0.73 or 73% is our exchange rate!  
  • This means that an Occupation salary in New Zealand is 73%. 
  • OOHOEWS :  Cook, says it is at a $14.43 USD hourly wage, (at the time of this publication). 
  • Multiply the $14.43 USD of a United States Cook, into the 0.73 New Zealand exchange rate. 
  • $10.53 USD hourly wage is a fair value for the Travel Guest working as a Cook in New Zealand.

The Arrangement

  • $240 USD per week is the value of the Host accommodations. 
  • $10.53 USD hourly wage is the value of the Travel Guest. 
  • 22 hours per week the Travel Guest is to work as a Cook, in exchange for the Host accommodations. (Little more than the standard 20 hours per week). 

The Alternative Arrangement with a Meal Plan 

  • The New Zealand Host also offers two Meals per day. 
  • The Travel Guest accepts two meals per day. 
  • $45 USD per week will cover the cost of the meals.
  • The original $240 USD per week for lodging + the extra $45 USD for meals. 
  • $285 USD is the adjusted Host accommodation value. 
  • $10.53 USD hourly wage is the value of the Travel Guest. 
  • 27 hours per week the Travel Guest is to work as a Cook, in exchange for the Host accommodations. (Little more than the standard 20 hours per week). 

We are repeating it… 

An equal VolunTourism agreement may be between 15 – 30 work hours per week. The work could be 5 days per week, at 3 – 6 hours per day. 

These work hours may fluctuate with the value of the Host in contrast to the Value of the Travel Guest. 

Remember we are practicing VolunTourism. We are first a Volunteer for half of the day. We are second a Tourist for the other half of the day. 

Also, remember the BLS is on the US Dollar currency. 

See the Event Butterfly Currency Exchange for International Travel. 


Hosts World Wide

Followed by the “Host” type. Each type of Host is specific and diverse from the next. Host sponsorship types from around the world! Hosts come in many forms and many settings! 

The Host types are also in sequence. 

We begin with the Host that offers the most. The most volume of VolunTourism opportunities, with the most occupation categories and occupations. There may be dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of Volunteers! 

We finish with the Host type that offers the most specific. The most specific VolunTourism narrowed to one occupation. There is an opening for a solo Travel Guest. 

Each Host type lists the necessary:  

  • Host Perks 
    • The Host perk amenities are different based on the setting. Here are a few perk examples. (The Host perks of Lodging or Lodging and Food is a given, thus not listed.) 
      • A Pousada Staffer in Brazil may have access to the swimming pool.
      • A Farm Staffer may have access to healthy fresh-picked produce. 
      • A Camp Staffer may have access to the weekly excursion adventures.
  • Host VolunTourism Occupations
  • Host VolunTourism Job Websites 

Each Host type may also list extra pertinent information: 

  • Host Job Advice
  • Host Locations & Booking 
  • Host Awards 
  • Host Awareness 
  • Host Stories
  • Host Video Resource
  • Host Investment Information 
  • Host See Also 

Hosts offer VolunTourism opportunities. A Host may permit or prohibit Visiting Travel Worker children and or pets.

Table: Hosts Needing This Travel Guest Occupation


NGO Team in Malaysia
NGO Info

NGO Perks:
Human Resources • Connecting with Influential People (who you know is what moves you fastest in this life)

NGO VolunTourism Occupations:

  • Sustenance 
    • NGO Food Service Manager • NGO Chef • NGO Cook • NGO Food Preparation • NGO Server Beverage • NGO Server Food 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • NGO Civil Engineer • NGO Electrician • NGO Electrician Apprentice • NGO Plumber • NGO Plumber Apprentice • NGO Painter • NGO General Maintenance • NGO General Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • NGO Agriculture Manager • NGO Agriculture Worker • NGO Grounds Maintenance • NGO Grounds Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Janitorial 
    • NGO Janitorial Manager • NGO Janitor • NGO Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • NGO Web Designer • NGO Writer • NGO Graphic Designer • NGO Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • NGO Veterinarian • NGO Veterinarian Assistant • NGO Animal Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • NGO Administrator • NGO Facility Manager • NGO Lodging Manager • NGO Human Resource • NGO Interior Designer • NGO Procurement • NGO Receptionist • NGO Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • NGO Event Planner • NGO Tour Guide • NGO Recreation Worker • NGO Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
    • NGO Physician • NGO Physician Assistant • NGO Nurse • NGO Nutritionist • NGO Acupuncturist • NGO Social Worker • NGO Health Worker • NGO Mental Health Counselor • NGO Rehabilitation Health Counselor • NGO Massage Therapist • NGO Fitness Instructor 
  • Education 
    • NGO Educator ESL • NGO Educator High School • NGO Educator Middle School • NGO Educator Elementary 

NGO VolunTourism Job Websites:

NGO Websites:
United NationsNGO MonitorCharity Watch (U.S. Charities)

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization. NGOs are international non-profit charity organizations that operate beyond the United States borders. 

NGO charities number in the tens of thousands. NGOs exist for every noble cause! 

Host NGOs offer every VolunTourism occupation classification and every occupation! So NGOs are first on our list of Host types.

Here are a few noble cause categories that NGOs focus on. 

Addiction Recovery • Animal • Cancer • Children • Civil • Consumer • Education • Environmental • FireFighter • Food • Gun • Health • Housing • Human • Hunger • International • LGBTQ+ • Mental • Peace • Police • Public • Senior • Veteran • Women • Youth.

The United Nations (U.N.) manages NGO identification and registration worldwide! 

  • The U.N. has identified approximately 40,000 NGOs in existence and operation!
  • The U.N. has registered approximately 10% of the total NGOs worldwide. There are approximately 4,000 U.N. registered NGOs! 

NGO resources originate from patron donations and fundraising activities. NGOs rely on Volunteer support to operate.

Host NGOs welcome Travel Guest VolunTourism. Host NGOs treat Volunteers very well. 

The Host NGO and Volunteer fundraising is then directed toward the noble cause. 

NGO Volunteering is a rewarding experience! Gain self-worth. Gain a wider global view perspective. The involvement demonstrates a level of maturity and is excellent on resumes. 


Young Community Leader with a Hat that says it all
Community Info

Community Perks:
Neighborhood Feeling of Belonging 

Community VolunTourism Occupations:

  • Sustenance 
    • Community Food Service Manager • Community Chef • Community Cook • Community Food Preparation • Community Server Beverage • Community Server Food 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Community Civil Engineer • Community Electrician • Community Electrician Apprentice • Community Plumber • Community Plumber Apprentice • Community Painter • Community General Maintenance • Community General Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Community Agriculture Manager • Community Agriculture Worker • Community Grounds Maintenance • Community Grounds Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Janitorial 
    • Community Janitorial Manager • Community Janitor • Community Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Community Web Designer • Community Writer • Community Graphic Designer • Community Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • Community Veterinarian • Community Veterinarian Assistant • Community Animal Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Community Administrator • Community Facility Manager • Community Lodging Manager • Community Human Resource • Community Interior Designer • Community Procurement • Community Receptionist • Community Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • Community Event Planner • Community Tour Guide • Community Recreation Worker • Community Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
    • Community Physician • Community Physician Assistant • Community Nurse • Community Nutritionist • Community Acupuncturist • Community Social Worker • Community Health Worker • Community Mental Health Counselor • Community Rehabilitation Health Counselor • Community Massage Therapist • Community Fitness Instructor 
  • Education 
    • Community Educator ESL • Community Educator High School • Community Educator Middle School • Community Educator Elementary 

Community VolunTourism Job Websites:
WorldPackers – CommunityWorkAway – Community

A Community is the teamwork of neighbors working together for a common good. 

Host Communities are so vast in their needs. All VolunTourism classifications and occupations will be available globally. 

Communities are in a continual state of exploration, improvements, development, and sustainability. 

Communities are in every region, climate, and topography worldwide. Communities come in every type and size.  

Rural • Urban • Villages • Farmsteads • Communes • Municipalities • Towns • Cities 

Table Of Contents

Eco Village

Eco Village in Switzerland
Eco Village Info

Eco Village Perks: 
Connecting with like-minded People for a Greater Good 

Eco Village VolunTourism Occupations:

  • Sustenance 
    • Eco Village Food Service Manager • Eco Village Chef • Eco Village Cook • Eco Village Food Preparation • Eco Village Server Beverage • Eco Village Server Food 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Eco Village Civil Engineer • Eco Village Electrician • Eco Village Electrician Apprentice • Eco Village Plumber • Eco Village Plumber Apprentice • Eco Village Painter • Eco Village General Maintenance • Eco Village General Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Eco Village Agriculture Manager • Eco Village Agriculture Worker • Eco Village Grounds Maintenance • Eco Village Grounds Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Janitorial 
    • Eco Village Janitorial Manager • Eco Village Janitor • Eco Village Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Eco Village Web Designer • Eco Village Writer • Eco Village Graphic Designer • Eco Village Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • Eco Village Veterinarian • Eco Village Veterinarian Assistant • Eco Village Animal Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Eco Village Administrator • Eco Village Facility Manager • Eco Village Lodging Manager • Eco Village Human Resource • Eco Village Interior Designer • Eco Village Procurement • Eco Village Receptionist • Eco Village Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • Eco Village Event Planner • Eco Village Tour Guide • Eco Village Recreation Worker • Eco Village Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
    • Eco Village Physician • Eco Village Physician Assistant • Eco Village Nurse • Eco Village Nutritionist • Eco Village Acupuncturist • Eco Village Social Worker • Eco Village Health Worker • Eco Village Mental Health Counselor • Eco Village Rehabilitation Health Counselor • Eco Village Massage Therapist • Eco Village Fitness Instructor 
  • Education 
    • Eco Village Educator ESL • Eco Village Educator High School • Eco Village Educator Middle School • Eco Village Educator Elementary 

Eco Village VolunTourism Job Websites:
WorldPackers – Eco VillageIntentional Community 

Eco Village Locations & Booking:
Intentional Community 

Introducing an Eco Village (Ecological Village). 

An Eco Village is a type of Community pioneering the new World View of sustainability! Eco Village members practice sustainable methods of living. 

Host Eco Village Communities also need every VolunTourism classification and occupation. 

Sustainability equates to the Eco Village being self-reliant. The village does this through four aspects: Ecological • Economics • Social • Cultural 

PermaCulture principles are fundamental practices in an Eco Village. 

(See Eco Projects / PermaCulture Projects below for more information.) 

An Eco Village lives in harmony with Earth’s natural systems that forever loop. 

The Water loop and the Food loop are excellent examples to better explain. Both loops create the two sustenances that humans need to survive: Water & Food. 

Evaporation creates clean white water and rises as air moisture. Air moisture condensates. Condensation creates Rain. Rain falls. Rain collects on rooftops, harvested, and collected in cisterns. The water goes through filtration. Filtered clean white water is for drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning, and laundry. We make gray water. Gray water feeds the houseplants. (House plants provide fresh oxygen.) The houseplants filter the gray water. Filter cleaner gray water fills the toilets. We make and flush black water. Black water feeds exterior lawn plants and gardens. The exterior lawn plants and gardens filter the black water. Black water heats by the Sun and evaporates. Evaporation creates clean white water and rises as air moisture… The cycle forever loops.

The soil grows the garden. The garden grows the food vegetables. The vegetables provide sustenance. The vegetable waste composts. The compost creates soil. The soil grows the garden… The cycle forever loops.


Bright Mind Students ready to learn at School in the Bahama Islands

School Info

School Perks: 
School Resources

School VolunTourism Occupations:

  • Sustenance 
    • School Chef / Head Cook • School Cook • School Food Preparation 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • School Civil Engineer • School Electrician • School Plumber • School Carpenter • School Painter • School General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • School Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • School Janitor 
  • Marketing 
    • School Web Designer • School Writer • School Graphic Designer • School Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • School Animal Caregiver (school pets & livestock) 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • School Administrator • School Facility Manager • School Human Resource • School Interior Designer • School Procurement • School Receptionist • School Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • School Event Planner / Field Trip Organizer • School Recreation Worker • School Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
    • School Physician • School Nurse • School Nutritionist • School Social Worker • School Health Educator • School Mental Health Counselor • School Fitness Instructor 
  • Education 
    • School Educator ESL • School Educator High School • School Educator Middle School • School Educator Elementary  

School VolunTourism Job Websites:

A Host School needs School Educators / School Teachers! Teachers are in high demand! 

Larger schools may request VolunTourism filled in every classification! 

Teachers are the difference in this world! A grateful student thinks the world of their Teacher! 

Improve educator roles, teaching styles, and curriculums. 

Deep thoughts on Education to share… 

We are all Students and we are all Teachers. We all learn and we all teach. 

Remember that when we teach, we teach twice. We teach our students, and we teach ourselves. So in this, our students learn, and we learn. 

The education relationship consists of a triad: School • Educator • Student. All learning and teaching each other.

  • School teaches and learns via the Educator and the Student. 
  • Educator teaches and learns via the Student and the School. 
  • Student teaches and learns via the School and the Educator. 

Students learn and keep the information the most when educators practice multisensory teaching. Multisensory engages the most senses available for that subject.  

Multisensory is the fast path to information retention. Information in the conscious mind travels to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind possesses a second nature ability. 

Teaching and learning is a win-win-win for us all. Education is Truth. Truth sets us free! 


Camp Staff member listening to the grace prayer before Dinner
Camp Info

Camp Perks:
Natural Resources  

Camp VolunTourism Occupations:

  • Sustenance 
    • Camp Chef / Head Cook • Camp Cook •  Camp Food Preparation 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Camp Civil Engineer • Camp Electrician • Camp Plumber • Camp Carpenter • Camp Painter • Camp Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Camp Grounds Maintenance • Camp Farmer 
  • Janitorial 
    • Camp Janitor • Camp Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Camp Web Designer • Camp Writer • Camp Graphic Designer • Camp Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • Camp Veterinarian • Camp Animal Caregiver (camp pets & camp livestock) 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Camp Facility Manager • Camp Procurement • Camp Receptionist • Camp Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • Camp Activity Coordinator • Camp Event Planner • Camp Recreation Worker • Camp Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
    • Camp Nurse • Camp Fitness Instructor 
  • Education 
    • Camp Teacher • Camp Counselor 

Camp VolunTourism Travel Job Websites: 
Summer Camp Counselor JobsWorldPackersAnyWork AnyWhere

Camp See Also: 
RV Camp Staffer (coming soon)

Welcome Campers! Camps are Wilderness Resorts! 

Host Camps need a multitude of Camp Staffers to operate! There is Camp VolunTourism in every Occupation category!

We have thousands of diverse Camp types!

Summer Camp • Winter Camp • Youth Camp • Adult Camp • Tent Camp • Lodge/Log Cabin/TeePee Camp • RV Camp • Day Camp • Week Camp • Residential Camp • Year-Round Camp • Sports Camp • Academic Camp • Art Camp • Science Camp • “One Time,… at Band Camp” • Adventure Camp • Nature Camp • Equestrian Camp • Religious Camp • Organization Retreat Camp • Boy Scout Camp • Girl Scout Camp • Explorers Camp • Special Needs Camp •  Underprivileged At-Risk Children Camp 

Camp Staffers share skills and time with Campers. I know very well. I am a former Camp Staffer for 3 consecutive summers! 

Good Friends! Good Food! Great Activities! The Great Outdoors! 

Camp was a lot of work! Camp was also one of the best times in my life! My final year was as a senior Camp staffer. I received training at National Camp School! 

Our Camp had the following. 

Lake Sports, Canoe & Kayak, Pool Aquatics, Rifle Shotgun & Archery, Camp Cooking, Nature Conservation, Wilderness Survival, Arts & Crafts, In-Camp Activities, Recreation, and Excursions. 

Dining Hall Facilities 
Dining Hall Staff, Kitchen Staff, Cooks, and Dining Manager. 

Janitorial, Handyperson, Carpenter, Electrician, and Plumber. 

Administration, Human Resources, Procurement, Camp Store, Nurse, Assistant Camp Director, and Camp Director. 

Farm Stay

French Guiana Farm Stay with a Travel Guest collecting Garden Vegetables
Farm Stay Info

Farm Stay Perks:
Healthy Farm Living • Fresh Produce • Animal Friends

Farm Stay VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • Farm Chef / Head Cook • Farm Cook •  Farm Food Preparation 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Farm Civil Engineer • Farm Electrician • Farm Plumber • Farm Carpenter • Farm Painter • Farm General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Farm Agriculture Manager • Farm Agriculture Worker • Farm Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • Farm Janitor • Farm Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Farm Web Designer • Farm Writer • Farm Graphic Designer • Farm Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • Farm Veterinarian • Farm Veterinarian Assistant • Farm Animal Care • Farm Livestock Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Farm Facility Manager • Farm Lodging Manager • Farm Human Resource • Farm Interior Designer • Farm Procurement • Farm Receptionist • Farm Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • Farm Activity Coordinator • Farm Event Planner 
  • Health • Medical 
    • Farm Nutritionist 
  • Education 

Farm Stay VolunTourism Job Websites: 
WorldPackersWorkAwayAnyWork AnyWhere – Farm JobsAnyWork AnyWhere – Fruit Picking

Farm Stay Regenerative Agriculture Stewardship Investments:
GoSteward – AboutGoSteward – Project Example – Studio Hill Farm Stay & Pasture Expansion

Want to Work on a Working Farm? Welcome to a Farm Stay! 

Welcome all: Farm Hands • Farm Workers • Fruit Pickers.  

A Host Farm may need many occupations to keep the working Farm working! 

More VolunTourism opportunities are available, as Farm size increases. A larger Farm, means more Farm Hands to operate. 

Travel Guest VolunTourism works with a variety of farms. Earn a variety of experiences! 

Vegetation Farms
Volunteer with a plethora of edible produce. Such as vegetables, fruits, and berries. Chores include watering, weed removal, picking seasonal items, collecting, weighing, and processing. 

Livestock Farms 
Volunteer with many animals. Such as cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, fish, and bees. Chores include feeding, watering, milking, collecting, weighing, examining, grazing, herding, catching, and loading. 

Farm Stays began on European farms in the 1980s. Recently Farm Stays are now also available throughout the remaining world. 

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Big Organic Watermelon Smiles at a WWOOF in U.S., Georgia

WWOOF Perks: 
Healthy Farm Living • Fresh Organic Produce • Animal Friends

WWOOF VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • WWOOFer Chef / Head Cook • WWOOFer Cook •  WWOOFer Food Preparation 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • WWOOFer Civil Engineer • WWOOFer Electrician • WWOOFer Plumber • WWOOFer Carpenter • WWOOFer Painter • WWOOFer General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • WWOOFer Agriculture Manager • WWOOFer Agriculture Worker • WWOOFer Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • WWOOFer Janitor • WWOOFer Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • WWOOFer Web Designer • WWOOFer Writer • WWOOFer Graphic Designer • WWOOFer Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • WWOOFer Veterinarian • WWOOFer Veterinarian Assistant • WWOOFer Animal Care • WWOOFer Livestock Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • WWOOFer Facility Manager • WWOOFer Lodging Manager • WWOOFer Human Resource • WWOOFer Interior Designer • WWOOFer Procurement • WWOOFer Receptionist • WWOOFer Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • WWOOFer Activity Coordinator • WWOOFer Event Planner 
  • Health • Medical 
    • WWOOFer Nutritionist 
  • Education 

WWOOF VolunTourism Job Websites: 

WWOOF Subsidiary/Daughter VolunTourism Job Websites: 
WWOOF USAWWOOF CanadaWWOOF Latin AmericaWWOOF UKWWOOF AustraliaWWOOF ChinaWWOOF Independents 

WWOOF Availability: 
see the WWOOF “Explore Destinations” Map 
and or the WWOOF International (not secure http:// website) “WWOOF Around the World” links.

Want to take your Farm Stay to the organic sustainable level?! Introducing WWOOF (“Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms”). 

Become a WWOOFer! WWOOFing is available in over 60 countries around the World! 

Choose from thousands of Organic Farms! 

VolunTourism exists for almost every Occupation category! 

Table Of Contents

Farm Stay vs Farm Vacation

Young Boy with Father feed Fallow Deer in a North Carolina Farm Vacation
Farm Vacation Info

Farm Vacation Perks:
Healthy Farm Living • Fresh Produce • Animal Friends

Farm Vacation VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • Farm Chef / Head Cook • Farm Cook •  Farm Food Preparation 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Farm Civil Engineer • Farm Electrician • Farm Plumber • Farm Carpenter • Farm Painter • Farm General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Farm Agriculture Manager • Farm Agriculture Worker • Farm Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • Farm Janitor • Farm Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Farm Web Designer • Farm Writer • Farm Graphic Designer • Farm Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • Farm Veterinarian • Farm Veterinarian Assistant • Farm Animal Care • Farm Livestock Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Farm Facility Manager • Farm Lodging Manager • Farm Human Resource • Farm Interior Designer • Farm Procurement • Farm Receptionist • Farm Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • Farm Activity Coordinator • Farm Event Planner 
  • Health • Medical 
    • Farm Nutritionist 
  • Education 

Farm Vacation Websites: 
Farm Stay USA 

The terms “Farm Stay” and “Farm Vacation” are important separate distinctions! 

  • A “Farm Stay” is an employment relationship. 
    • A “Farm Stay” Host seeks a Travel Guest for VolunTourism. 
    • A Travel Guest trades time and skills in exchange for Host amenities, as explained above. 
  • A “Farm Vacation” is a Tourist relationship. 
    • A “Farm Vacation” Host seeks a Tourist Guest Customer. 
    • Customer Guests pay for the lodging and amenities. 

BIG Difference! 

“Farm Vacation” is a new title, and continues to evolve. The tourist industry adopted the use of the title. 

A Farm Vacation resort offers farm lodging as an alternative lodging accommodation. Farm Lodging is at the Farm House, the Farm Guest House, or even the converted Barn! 

Expect a Farm Vacation Big Breakfast every morning! 

Farm Vacations offer working farm demonstrations to its Customer Guests and audiences. Farm demonstrations occur weekly and even daily! 

Farm Vacation resorts provide a sense of what it may be like to live and work on a farm. Customer Guests do not actually “labor” at the farm. 

Think of Farm Vacation as a Bed & Breakfast, placed on a Farm Homestead, with an Interactive Petting Zoo.

This trend of alternative lodging is growing…, especially in the United States.

A Farm Vacation is different from a Farm Stay. In saying that, a Farm Vacation may need Farm Stay VolunTourism workers to work the farm! So best to ask what is available?!

Wellness Center

Woman receives Hot Stone Massage on a Wellness Holiday in Nepal
Wellness Center Info

Wellness Center Perks:
Knowledge Resource Base of Medical, Mental, Health, and Fitness. 

Wellness Center VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • Wellness Center Chef • Wellness Center Cook • Wellness Center Food Preparation • Wellness Center Food Server 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Wellness Center Electrician • Wellness Center Plumber • Wellness Center Carpenter • Wellness Center Painter • Wellness Center General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Wellness Center Gardener • Wellness Center Farmer • Wellness Center Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • Wellness Center Janitor • Wellness Center Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Wellness Center Web Designer • Wellness Center Writer • Wellness Center Graphic Designer • Wellness Center Photographer 
  • Animal Care
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Wellness Center Administrator • Wellness Center Human Resource • Wellness Center Interior Designer • Wellness Center Procurement • Wellness Center Receptionist • Wellness Center Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • Wellness Center Event Planner / Activity Coordinator • Wellness Center Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
    • Wellness Center Physician • Wellness Center Physician Assistant • Wellness Center Nurse • Wellness Center Nutritionist • Wellness Center Dietician • Wellness Center Acupuncturist • Wellness Center Acupressurist • Wellness Center Social Worker • Wellness Center Health Worker • Wellness Center Health Educator • Wellness Center Metal Health Counselor • Wellness Center Rehabilitation Health Counselor • Wellness Center Massage Therapist • Wellness Center Fitness Instructor • Wellness Center Yoga Instructor • Wellness Center Dance Instructor  • Wellness Center Recreation Worker 
  • Education

Wellness Center VolunTourism Job Websites: 

Wellness Center Locations: 
TripaneerYovadaBookRetreatsLifestyle Health Retreats (LHR) •  SpaFinderMedicalDeparturesMediGenceHMC Israel

A Wellness Center practices total health rejuvenation. Wellness Centers renew the total health of their Customer Guests! 

Wellness Centers go by several names including Holistic Center • Medical Vacation Center • Wellness Holiday.

A Wellness Center may weave many Occupations together to present a health resort. Medical, Health, and Fitness occupations are the core. Administration and Operations staff are supporting roles. 

Healing is a Whole Health approach. A person already possesses all the necessary healing powers it needs. 

Emotional Wellness involves Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

  • Body:
    Fitness • Physical Boot Camp • Pilates • Detox • Weight Loss
  • Mind:
    Meditation • Mindfulness • Mental Health • Silence
  • Spirit:
    Healing • Spirit Journey • Health and Wellness • Yoga 

Wellness Centers are diverse. They are found in a multitude of settings and locations. Wellness Centers are even found in other Host types! 

Wellness Resorts • Wellness Retreats • Spas • Camps • Yoga Studios • Arts Centers • Hotels • Bed & Breakfasts • Hostels • Cruise Ships • Farms • Organic Farms • PermaCulture Farms • PermaCulture Projects • Eco Villages • Therapy Centers • Detox Centers • Weight Loss Centers • Fitness Boot Camps • Rehab Centers 

Wellness & Holistic practices have rich histories, originating thousands of years! Practices emerged in every corner of the World! 

Chinese Traditional Medicine • Native American Traditional Healing • Indian Ayurvedic Medicine • European Homeopathy Medicine 

Wellness Centers unite the proven practices of yesterday, with the health science of today, and revitalize them for the future.


Young Lovers at the entrance to a Hostel in France.
Hostel Info

Hostel Perks:
Culture Hub of International Guests • Social Activities • Hostel Amenities such as a Game Room, Night Club, Bar, Restaurant, or Pool Aquatics. 

Hostel Features: 
24 Hour Receptionist Available • Luggage Storage • Lockers • Wheelchair Accessible • Free Parking • Free WiFi • Free laptop / tablet use • Book borrow / exchange 

Hostel Sustenance: 
Free Breakfast: Continental / Pancake • Free Coffee Tea & Cocoa • Bar • Cafe • Restaurant • Room Service 

Hostel Facilities: 
Guest Kitchen • Laundry Room • Bathrooms: Public and Private • Common Room / Common Areas • Lounge • Library • Patio • Terrace • Courtyard • Garden • Fire Pit • Grill • Open Air Kitchen • Swimming Pool • Whirlpool Hot Tub • Steam Room • Game Room: Billiards, Foosball, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Board Games, Card Games, Video Games • Night Club 

Hostel Social Events (our favorite): 
Fitness Classes: Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Ballroom Dance, Zumba • Live Entertainment • Music DJs • Musician Jam Sessions • Comedy Shows • Open Mic Night • Licensed Outdoor Film Screenings • Wine Tasting / Beer Tasting • Pub Crawl • Guided Tours • Excursions 

Hostel VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • Hostel Chef • Hostel Cook • Hostel Food Preparation • Hostel Food Server • Hostel Bartender 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Hostel Electrician • Hostel Plumber • Hostel Carpenter • Hostel Painter • Hostel General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Hostel Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • Hostel Janitorial • Hostel Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Hostel Web Designer • Hostel Writer • Hostel Graphic Designer • Hostel Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Hostel Administrator / Facility Manager • Hostel Lodging Manager • Hostel Interior Designer • Hostel Procurement • Hostel Receptionist • Hostel Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • Hostel Event Planner / Activity Coordinator • Hostel City Tour Guide • Hostel Recreation Worker / Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
  • Education 

Hostel VolunTourism Travel Job Websites: 
WorldPackersHostel JobsWorldPackersWorking Holiday: Australia & New ZealandWorkAwayAnyWork AnyWhere 

Hostel Job Advice:
HostelWorldWorking Holiday: Australian Hostels 

Hostel Locations & Booking: 
HostelWorldHostelsClub (not secure http:// website) • HostelzHostelTraveler(Hostelling International) HI USAYHA Hostels England & WalesHostellingScotlandBooking HostelsAgoda

Hostel Awards: 
HOSCARs Awards by HostelWorld 

Hostel Video Resource: 

Hostels are international social hub lodging facilities. Guests come from every corner of the world! 

Hostels feature affordable dorm room lodging and food. Hostel lodging is a top choice for many budget travelers, students, and workers. 

Hostels are very familiar with VolunTourism! Hostels are a major platform for VolunTourism! 

  • Host Hostels post VolunTourism positions. 
  • Travel Guests inquire about VolunTourism positions upon arriving. 

Hostel lodging facilities vary in all different sizes, styles, and shapes. Some are large and spacious with a college dorm feel. While others are tiny and cozy small houses. 

Hostel lifestyle benefits: 

  • travel community of like-minded friends 
  • acceptance atmosphere 
  • shared resources and amenities 
  • meals 
  • daily activities 
  • social evening experiences
  • open dormitory-style rooms or private rooms 
  • affordable 

International Hostels exist in the tens of thousands! Hostels have a long history in Europe.

National Hostels exist only in the few hundred. Hostel travel is very different in the United States. 

How To Locate U.S. Hostels

  • HI USA Map is a good map resource to locate U.S. Hostels… and only Hostels!
  • Google Maps may result in a mixed bag of alternative lodging.

    Our results produced a mess of unnecessary lodging. Expensive Hotels, Inns, Resorts, Motels, and Bed & Breakfasts. Hostels are difficult to find.
    • Google Maps is Good. It searches an infinite amount of search themes. 
    • Google Maps is Bad. It searches an infinite amount of search themes. 


Lady in Red glowing at a Brazilian Pousada Gardens in the South American Afternoon Sunlight
Pousada Info

Pousada Perks:
Beautiful Scenery • Stylish Interior Design • Gorgeous Gardens. 

Pousada VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • Pousada Chef • Pousada Cook • Pousada Food Preparation • Pousada Food Server • Pousada Bartender 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Pousada Electrician • Pousada Plumber • Pousada Carpenter • Pousada Painter • Pousada General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Pousada Agriculture Manager • Pousada Gardener • Pousada Farmer • Pousada Grounds Maintenance • Pousada Grounds Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Janitorial 
    • Pousada Janitorial • Pousada Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Pousada Web Designer • Pousada Writer • Pousada Graphic Designer • Pousada Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Pousada Administrator / Facility Manager • Pousada Lodging Manager • Pousada Interior Designer • Pousada Procurement • Pousada Receptionist • Pousada Store Clerk 
  • Event • Activity • Excursion 
    • Pousada Event Planner • Pousada Activity Coordinator • Pousada City Tour Guide • Pousada Recreation Worker • Pousada Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
  • Education 

Pousada VolunTourism Job Websites: 

Pousada Locations & Booking: 
Pousadas PortugalExpedia BrazilOrbitz Brazil

A “Pousada” translates as a Portuguese Inn (Google Translate). 

The Pousada idea encompasses all types of Inns. Intimate Guest Houses, to rustic rural Bed & Breakfasts, to stylish urban resorts. All Pousadas have a warm welcome feel. 

A Pousada focuses much attention on the details. A Pousada setting sets the tone. 

A Pousada harmonizes its architecture, decor, art, crafts, styles, fashions, and gardens. 

Most important are the stunning gardens and farms. Pousada VolunTourism gardeners and lawn maintenance are in high demand! 

The Pousada idea began in Portugal and later enriched its Portuguese-speaking territories. The beauty of Pousadas is a part of Portuguese culture.

  • South America: Brazil. Brazil is the Pousada capital of the world! Brazil is home to thousands of Pousadas!
  • Africa: Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Cape Verde Islands, São Tomé and Príncipe Island.
  • Asia: Macao, and East Timor.  

Sustainable Projects • Eco Projects 

Behold the Vegetable Sprouts of Sustainability
Sustainable Project Info

Sustainable Project Perks: 
Obtaining the Knowledge and Wisdom of Sustainability

Sustainable Project VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • Sustainable Cook • Sustainable Food Preparation 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Sustainable Civil Engineer • Sustainable Electrician • Sustainable Electrician Apprentice • Sustainable Plumber • Sustainable Plumber Apprentice • Sustainable Carpenter • Sustainable Carpenter Apprentice • Sustainable Painter • Sustainable General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Sustainable Agriculture Manager • Sustainable Agriculture Worker • Sustainable Grounds Maintenance • Sustainable Grounds Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Janitorial 
  • Marketing 
    • Sustainable Web Designer • Sustainable Writer • Sustainable Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • Sustainable Veterinarian • Sustainable Veterinarian Assistant • Sustainable Animal Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
  • Activity • Event • Excursion 
  • Health • Medical 
  • Education 

Sustainable Project VolunTourism Job Websites:
WorkAway – Sustainable Projects

Sustainable Project Awareness:
Climate Clock websiteForest appKraneShares Global Carbon Credit Strategy 

Sustainable Project Stories:
PangeaBuilders – Urban Farm

Sustainable Projects are continuous. Hence sustainable. 

Construction of Sustainable Projects is in Eco Villages and progressive Communities. Most impressive is that Sustainable Project awareness is happening. Positive action is on a steady rise. 

Sustainable Projects are progressing in many pockets of the world. Soon sustainability will be ubiquitous in the world! 

Sustainable Projects may need more construction, and or ongoing management and or maintenance. That means steady VolunTourism opportunities.  

The Sustainable Project trend is growing… and transitioning to mainstream life. We as a people of Earth are in a transitioning stage. 

We approve of natural systems of infinite renewable energy of solar and wind. We oppose the finite energies of oil and coal. 

We approve of Rainwater, the collection, harvesting, and filtering for our many needs. We oppose municipal water pumped through hundreds of kilometers of municipal pipelines. We oppose bottled water packaged on cross-continental ships. 

We approve of the Locavore Movement, a system that supports local food producers. We buy local or grow our vegetables. We oppose purchasing remote vegetables of the same variety when local is available. 

Table Of Contents

PermaCulture Projects 

Agriculture Eco Zone 2 & Zone 3
PermaCulture Project Info

PermaCulture Project Perks: 
Obtaining the Knowledge and Wisdom of PermaCulture

PermaCulture Project VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • PermaCulture Cook • PermaCulture Food Preparation 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • PermaCulture Civil Engineer • PermaCulture Electrician • PermaCulture Electrician Apprentice • PermaCulture Plumber • PermaCulture Plumber Apprentice • PermaCulture Carpenter • PermaCulture Carpenter Apprentice • PermaCulture Painter • PermaCulture General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • PermaCulture Agriculture Manager • PermaCulture Agriculture Worker • PermaCulture Grounds Maintenance • PermaCulture Grounds Maintenance Apprentice 
  • Janitorial 
  • Marketing 
    • PermaCulture Web Designer • PermaCulture Writer • PermaCulture Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
    • PermaCulture Veterinarian • PermaCulture Veterinarian Assistant • PermaCulture Animal Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
  • Activity • Event • Excursion 
  • Health • Medical 
  • Education 

Sustainable PermaCulture Project VolunTourism Job Websites:
WorldPackers – PermaCulture Projects 

PermaCulture Earthship Housing Jobs:
WorldPackersWorkAwayHelpStayVolunTouring •  BioTecturePlanetEarth 

PermaCulture Earthship School:

PermaCulture Earthship Volunteer Stories:
PangeaBuilders – Fox HolePangeaBuilders – Todos Santos 

Welcome to the PermaCulture Project. It is a new World view! 

The PermaCulture ideal is sustainability, continuous and forever. PermaCulture is a whole-systems approach to land management. 

PermaCulture is a guide for people to redesign their communities. Align our management around our natural world. Thus we live in harmony with our natural world. 

PermaCulture is the top mindset of all Sustainable Projects. The topic is so diverse, that it deserves its VolunTourism subsection. 

PermaCulture is happening today throughout human culture. It is happening in rural agriculture and urban cities. 

Civil Engineers are creating the Towns and Cities of tomorrow. They are designing communities that are adaptable to a changing climate and environment. 

Contemporary PermaCulture encompasses Agriculture & Architecture. BioTecture is the creation of dwellings that work with the natural systems of the Earth. 

We continue gathering information. Then we use that as knowledge to gain wisdom. This affects us and has positive effects on the world around us. We continue to evolve. 

So too has the Permanent Agriculture continued to evolve. Today the term has evolved to a more comprehensive definition of “Permanent Culture”. 

Permanent Agriculture has grown globally. It is the most recognized truth to sustainability and tackling environmental challenges. It is the best model presented in the most recent 50+ years. 

PermaCulture History:

“Perma~Culture One. A Perennial Agriculture For Human Settlements” published in 1978. Agricultural authors Bill Mollison and David Holmgren wrote the book. Together they introduced the PermaCulture path to the world. 

Mollison and Holmgren explain PermaCulture practitioners: 

  • study all the natural systems 
  • understand those natural systems on the land 
  • install those natural systems to manage the land 

PermaCulture in its simplest terms involves those natural systems that support people: 

  • Land
  • Water
  • Air 
  • Life

PermaCulture is a comprehensive approach to all Earth’s regions: 

  • GeoSphere – the central cores
  • BioSphere – the crust where all living beings live 
  • AtmoSphere – air  
  • HydroSphere – water  
  • CryoSphere – ice at the polar caps 

Finally is the Permanent Agriculture eco zone model.  (The original book cover illustrates eco zones). It is one set of concentric circles that defines distinct land management. The model shows the amount of People’s activity on the land. More management as we visit the innermost circles. Less management as we visit the outermost circles. 

  • People (the center most circle) 
  • Zone 0 – the home (the most managed area of people).
  • Zone 1 – the home garden 
  • Zone 2 – the crops • food production 
  • Zone 3 – the large fruit tree cash crops 
  • Zone 4 – wild food and pastures (the least managed area of people) 
  • Zone 5 – wilderness • foraging • inspiration • meditation (unmanaged • managed by nature only) 

Guest House

Guest House with Primary House in Norway
Guest House Info

Guest House Perks:
Making friends with other Travel Guests 

Guest House VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • Guest House Cook • Guest House Food Preparation 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Guest House Electrician • Guest House Plumber • Guest House Carpenter • Guest House Painter • Guest House General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Guest House Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • Guest House Janitorial • Guest House Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
    • Guest House Web Designer • Guest House Writer •  Guest House Photographer 
  • Animal Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
  • Activity • Event • Excursion 
    • Guest House Event Planner • Guest House Tour Guide • Guest House Pool Aquatics 
  • Health • Medical 
  • Education 

Guest House VolunTourism Job Websites: 
WorldPackers – Guest House

Guest House Locations & Booking: 

A Guest House is part of the Hospitality industry. Yet a private family or individual owns this one accommodation. 

Guest House Hosts accept VolunTourism Guests. Check Guest House online profiles to see job availability. Open up a channel of conversation with the owner. 

Travel Guests are often young and or budget-minded. Guests need the privacy that a Hotel can deliver, with the affordability that a Hostel can offer. 

Guests sleep, commune, and eat together. Guest House communal rooms are smaller with a few bunk beds. 

The Guest House is a secondary house or home, available for Travel Guests. While the primary house or home is for the owner’s family or individual. 

The Guest House is separate from the primary house or home. Either the Guest House is a house or home completely on its own. Or a divider wall separates the Guest House and primary house or home. 

Owners style the Guest House how they chose. Guests get a sense of the owner’s taste in decor and local culture. 

Contrast the Guest House with every other hospitality accommodation. Corporation-owned hospitality accommodations are the majority. This includes Hotels, Hostels, Pousadas, and Bed & Breakfasts. 

A private Guest House is in the middle of the hospitality industry market. Thus a private Guest House is one accommodation unique in the hospitality industry. 

Home Stay • Host Family

Home Stay Travel Guest helps with Birthday Party Decorations in Spain
Home Stay Info

Home Stay Perks: 
One-on-One experience with a Host individual or Host family 

Home Stay VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
    • Home Stay Cook 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • Home Stay Electrician • Home Stay Plumber • Home Stay Carpenter • Home Stay Painter • Home Stay General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • Home Stay Gardener • Home Stay Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • Home Stay Janitorial • Home Stay Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
  • Animal Care 
    • Home Stay Animal Care / Pet Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
    • Home Stay Interior Designer 
  • Activity • Event • Excursion 
  • Health • Medical 
    • Home Stay Nurse • Home Stay Social Worker 
  • Education 
    • Home Stay Teacher 

Home Stay VolunTourism Job Websites: 
WorldPackers – Home StayWorkAway – Host Family

A Home Stay Family or Individual opens their Home to a select Travel Guest. Here is where we enter the one Host to one Travel Guest. 

The Home Stay Host may need VolunTourism work. The Home, the Family, or one Family Member, may need care. 

Home Stay Host accommodations are a private Guest Bedroom and Bathroom. Meals are often included. Both parties live and often eat together. 

The Travel Guest may take on any number of VolunTourism tasks. The Home Stay Host may consider the Travel Guest as extended family. 

House Sitter • Home Sitter 

House Sitting for one of the Famous Painted Lady Houses in the U.S., California, San Francisco
House Sitter Info

House Sitter Perks: 
Privacy of a House/Home all to ourselves 

House Sitter VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
    • House Sitter Civil Engineer • House Sitter Electrician • House Sitter Plumber • House Sitter Carpenter • House Sitter Painter • House Sitter General Maintenance 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
    • House Sitter Gardener • House Sitter Grounds Maintenance 
  • Janitorial 
    • House Sitter Janitorial • House Sitter Housekeeper 
  • Marketing 
  • Animal Care 
    • House Sitter Animal Care / Pet Care
  • Administration • Operations 
    • House Sitter Interior Designer 
  • Activity • Event • Excursion 
  • Health • Medical 
  • Education 

House Sitter VolunTourism Job Websites: 
WorkAway – House SittingTrustedHouseSitters – House SittingHouseCarersCaretaker Gazette (subscription)

A House Sitter Host is leaving town, and needs a VolunTourism Travel Guest! 

The House Sitter Host requests help with the Home and the Land. The full home and land are the accommodations. 

House Sitter VolunTourism may include aspects of many occupations. The Travel Guest as a Jack / Jill of all trades should do well.  

The House Absence Is: 

  • A quick road trip and will be returning tomorrow. 
  • An investor needs an occupied home until further notice. 
  • Military Overseas Deployment, and will be away for several years. Event Butterfly is passionate about serving those who serve us. Thank You to all Military Heroes and Military Families! 

Table Of Contents

Pet Sitter • Dog Walker • Livestock Care 

A Happy Dog is Loved by a Pet Sitter in the U.S., Virginia
Pet Sitter Info

Pet Sitter Perks:
Privacy of a House/Home all to ourselves • Animal Friends 

Pet Sitter VolunTourism Occupations: 

  • Sustenance 
  • Maintenance • Construction 
  • Grounds • Agriculture 
  • Janitorial 
  • Marketing 
  • Animal Care 
    • Pet Sitter Veterinarian • Pet Sitter Veterinarian Assistant • Pet Sitter Animal Care / Pet Care • Pet Sitter Dog Walker • Pet Sitter Livestock Care 
  • Administration • Operations 
  • Activity • Event • Excursion 
  • Health • Medical 
  • Education 

Pet Sitter VolunTourism Job Websites:
TrustedHouseSitters – Pet SittingWag! 

Dog Walker Jobs Articles:
US Bureau of Labor Statistics 

A Pet Sitter is a very specific VolunTourism situation. 

A Pet Sitter Host is away from its animals. The Host needs a Pet Sitter / Dog Walker / Livestock Care. 

The Host may be a Homeowner or even a Farm owner. Think of this as a Host free Home Stay or Host free Farm Stay. 

So the Travel Guest is a Pet Sitter and a House Sitter / Home Sitter / Farm Sitter. 

Animals will keep us company while otherwise alone at the House / Home / Farm. Animals have need requirements throughout the day. 

VolunTourism Next Steps 

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We encourage all related topics. Learn and share comments, concerns, questions, photos, videos, and or stories.

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Table Of Contents

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